Hallo all,

Looking for some light to be shed on something I noticed recently. The Blenheim batch L4817-L4934 is recorded to have been a mixture of Mk. Is (L4817-L4822 and L4907-L4934) and Mk. IVs (L4823-L4906).

Lately I obtained copies of the AM Form 78 Aircraft History Cards for L4825 and L4833 but these are recorded as Mk. Is on the cards with Mercury VIII engines.
There is a photo of a crashed Blenheim which I believe is L4833 in the 'SCORPIONS STING' by Don Neate and it seems to be a Mk. I. There are photos of L4842 and L4843 in 'THE BRISTOL BLENHEIM' by Graham Warner and these are clearly Mk. IVs.

Can anyone say how many of the L4823-L4906 group were actually finished as Mk. Is ?


Martin Gleeson.