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Thread: Exhumation reports and the CWGC

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    Default Exhumation reports and the CWGC

    Hi All,

    I know this has been discussed at length in various threads but I was wondering if anyone had heard anything new about getting access to the GCU reports that I believe are held by the CWGC. One thread suggested they were not open to the public because they were digitizing the records. Other threads said they're just hiding behind their interpretation of MoD privacy rules.

    My other question is, are these reports likely to have any details that might confirm if an airmen was shot after surviving a crash? I have copies of the MREU investigators reports, who identified the bodies later, but no mention of the condition of the bodies. There is some question as to what became of the two gunners. A new book by Manfred Kohl, Als Bomben vom Himmel fielen (2009), suggests their were two survivors from the crash of Halifax NP709, who were seen very much alive but disappeared and were later identified as among the bodies received for burial days later. The author has a witness and is suggesting these men were possibly murdered.
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