Henk , Hurricane P3855 of 55 OTU , unit orb has the following ,
6/12/42 Flying accident to Hurricane N3855 (note wrong serial letter), at IRVING FARM ,2mls South of Langholm Dumfrieshire ,Pilot R121355,SGT RH JONES,INJ,Cause weather deteriorated and the pilot became lost and eventually crashed into hillside .

STN SICK QUARTERS also states the following , 6/12/42 ,22.00hrs information received that Aircraft from Langtown crashed into hill nr Langholm civil police and stn duty officer state too dangerous to send search party ,Search party from SSQ proceeded but failed to locate crash ,WEATHER FOUL.

SSQ, 7/12/42 ,R121355,SGT PILOT JONES ,Pilot off Aircraft (Hurricane),from Langholm,which crashed previous evening admitted to SSQ, with concussion and grazes .

bw phill jones