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Thread: RAF Uxbridge closing?

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    Default RAF Uxbridge closing?

    Firstly, Ross, if this thread is inappropriate for the forum then please do delete it.

    I've just discovered that plans are afoot to close down RAF Uxbridge and redevelop the site. Information appears to be limited at this stage but from the outline posted on the developer's website there appears to be minimal retention of the buildings, or, in fact, character of this historic site. There are mentions of a couple of the buildings being saved but that appears to be due to their, existing, Graded status. I do hope in the proposals in May they go further in retaining more of what was a key cog in the RAF war effort:

    RAF Armoured Car Companies 1920-45

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    This has been on the cards for quite a while, Amrit. The site was offered to the Americans, but they turned it down. The British Military no longer has a use for it. Unfortunately the management of the military estate, like so many thinks to do with the MoD, is a very shortsighted affair. The old MU site at Quedgley is another prime example. They closed it down, sold the land and now are being forced to rent large numbers of houses on the old site in order to house military personnel from the ARRC.
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