Hi Henk

I'm still operating off my laptop without all my saved e-mail addresses (the ship with my furniture and computer finally docked today, but it'll still be two more weeks for customs/quarantine clearance and delivery...), so contacting you via RAF Commands instead.

Looking at the RAF Lympne ORB for 30 October 1944 today, I came across the following entry that I thought might interest you:

"...Ramrod [1352. Spitfire DN-K crashed F/O] Wilson pilot, slightly injured."

The section in square brackets has been added later by hand, via a "^" sign between the words Ramrod and Wilson. DN is the unit code for 416 (RCAF) Squadron, which was not based at Lympne at the time. The station was home to 41, 350 and 610 Squadrons instead, and there is no explanation of why Wilson was at Lympne.

I should add that I think that Ramrod 1352 is a red herring. 41, 350 and 610 Squadrons were involved in Ramrod 1352 to Wesseling on this date, but as far as I can see, 416 Squadron was not. It's a bit confusing how it's written, but I believe Wilson's accident is completely unrelated to Ramrod 1352.

If you could drop me a line at brew AT clients DOT ch, I will e-mail you the page.