The following 613 Sqn pilot/gunners took part in the two operations over Calais in May 1940.

26 May

Sqn Ldr A F Anderson/Plt Off Wesson Hector K9706
Plt Off B W Brown/LAC R V Brown Hector K8111
Plt Off A L Edy/Plt Off Houghton Hector K8127
Plt Off P P C Barthropp/AC1 MacKinnon Hector K9781
Plt Off D Stewart/LAC Connachie Hector K9727
Plt Off K Gore/AC Letham Hector K8108

27 May

Sqn Ldr A F Anderson/Plt Off Winon Hector K9706
Plt Off A L Edy/AC Rushworth Hector K8127
Plt Off Jenkyns/LAC R V Brown Hector K8116 ZR-X
Flt Lt Weston/Plt Off Houghton Hector K9781
Plt Off D Stewart/Cpl Bickley Hector K9727
Plt Off J N Rowland/AC Conacher Hector K8108

Apart from K8116 ZR-X, which was hit by flak and came down near Shakespear Point, would anyone know the rest of the Hectors ID letters?