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Thread: Sqn. Ldr. Patrick Henry Lee OC 257 Sqn.

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    Default Sqn. Ldr. Patrick Henry Lee OC 257 Sqn.

    According to Chris Shores’ Those other eagles, Sqn Ldr Patrick Lee took command of 257 Sqn in May 43. With regard to his earlier career it simply says that he was promoted to Sqn Ldr in December 41 “at which time he began flying operationally on night fighters”.

    Does anyone know which night fighter squadron or squadrons he was flying with? I’m particularly interested in which unit he was flying with in April 43 (i.e. immediately before his posting to 257). I suspect 12 Group and probably Coltishall or its satellites.

    Niall C

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    Hi Niall,

    I can confirm from Fighter Squadrons of the RAF and their aricraft by J. Rawlings that S/L Lee was CO of 257 Sq between May-Jul 1943.

    Just example:

    Two-seater Sq (W/C CO so impossible to find him as he was probabyl only Flight CO) 1941: 23, 29, 68, 85,

    Single seater Sq (S/L CO but no Lee found) 1941:- 25, 151

    So it does not helps much...

    Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-1945

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