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Thread: Which Squadrons did these Hawaden Staff fly with?

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    Default Which Squadrons did these Hawaden Staff fly with?

    Can anyone fill in any Squadron detail for these pilots please.
    They were all at Hawarden instructing in Nov 1943.

    F/O SC CHAPMAN (No details)
    F/Lt Cyril Herbert Terry SHORT (81361 )
    F/Lt Robert Henderson IRELAND (Army 124352) (RAF 47491??)
    F/LT Roland Harold DIBNER DFC (42675) ??1 Squadron , 91 Squadron, 242 Squadron ??
    F/O Vasco Ortigao GILBERT (136832) Went on to 168 Killed 26/12/44
    F/Lt Albert Makin POLLITT (45604) 16 Sqdn , 140 Sqdn??
    F/Lt Gerald King SCOTT DFC (41745).4 Sqdn in France. 16 Sqdu then ?? in North Africa.

    Cheers Motherbird

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    Probably F/Off Stuart Chapman RCAF J9171 of 414 Sqn.


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    Default Roland Harold DIBNAH

    Roland Harold DIBNAH known as "Rolly"

    With No. 1 Squadron RAF
    To 242 Squadron Sept 21, 1940
    Left 242 on 30 Dec 1940

    Appears to have gone to 91 Sqdn sometime late 1943 into early 1944?

    In 1942 appears to have been back in Canada for a while with No.1 OTU Bagotville, and also time visiting other OTUs in the UK including 56 OTU and 41OTU.

    Short Service Commission as :
    Acting P/O on probation - 2 Sept. 1939
    Acting P/O on probation to P/O - 28 Feb 1940
    From P/O to F/O - 28 Feb 1941
    F/O to F/L - 18 May 1942
    Relinquished Commission in RAF
    To RCAF as S/L - 18 Jan 1945
    Served post War with RCAF, including time with No.417 Sqdn RCAF.

    Died in February 1990
    Colin Ford

    No.268 Squadron Royal Air Force 1940-1946
    Historian by Appointment
    (by the surviving Squadron members)

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    Default Roland Harold Dibnah

    I have examined his RCAF service file and obtained the following:

    Born in Tuxedo, Manitoba, 15 February 1920.

    Enrolled as 4229A, Aircraftman, No.112 Squadron, 21 October 1937 to 18 April 1939. This was the RCAF Auxiliary Squadron in Winnipeg.

    Pupil Pilot, RAF, 10 July 1939 to 1 September 1939.

    Granted Short Service Commission,Acting Pilot Officer on Probation, 2 September 1939 with effect from 10 July 1939.

    To No. 12 EFTS , 10 July 1939 - DH.82 (logged 58 hours there)

    To No.15 SFTS, 6 September 1939 - Harvard

    To No.11 Group Pool, 2 January 1940

    To No.6 OTU - 16 January 1940 - Hurricane

    Graded Pilot Officer on Probation, 28 February 1940

    To No.1 Squadron, France, 28 March 1940 - Hurricanes - shot down by flak, 26 May 1940. Leg wound

    To Hatfield Hospital, 6 June 1940

    To No.1 Squadron, 2 August 1940

    To No.242 Squadron, 2 September 1940; he claims 253 hours on Hurricanes up to 7 September 1940. This is at odds with other information that he served with No.242 Squadron, 21 September to 30 December 1940 (see remarks below re his combat claims).

    To RAF Ely Hospital, wounded in leg, 7 September 1940 (hard to reco

    To CFS, Upavon, 29 December 1940 - Tutor and Master - 53 hours five minutes

    Confirmed in appointment and promoted Flying Officer - 28 February 1941

    To No.11 SFTS, 6 March 1941 - Master, Hurricane - 699 hours five minutes. However, he elsewhere states he was at No.8 SFTS, March to July 1941

    He state on one document he was "18 months in Canada" where he flew 343 hours. This is elsewhere spelled out as follows:

    No.37 SFTS - September 1941

    No.36 SFTS - October 1941

    No.33 SFTS - October 1941 to June 1942

    No.133 (Fighter) Squadron, Canada - June to September 1942 (flight commander)

    No.1 (Fighter) OTU, Bagotville, September 1942 to January 1943 (flight commander)

    Promoted Flight Lieutenant, 28 May 1942.

    To RAF Reserve and retained on active list, 10 July 1943.

    Returned to Britain and posted to No.41 OTU, 3 April 1943 - Hurricane, Mustang, Harvard - 111 hours five minutes.

    Attended Central Gunnery School, August-September 1943

    To No.91 Squadron, 17 January 1944 - Spitfire - 109 hours 25 minutes - last sortie was 16 August 1944.

    To No.1 Air Delivery Flight (delivery duty), 16 December 1944 - Spitfires and Mustangs - four hours 25 minutes.

    Transferred to RCAF 18 January 1945 with rank of Flight Lieutenant.

    As of 24 January 1945 claimed 296 hours ten minutes operational flying, 739 hours 50 minutes non-operational flying and three flying bombs destroyed.

    Repatriated to Canada, 8 April 1945

    To No.2 Air Command, Winnipeg, 17 April 1945

    To CFS Trenton, 16 June 1945

    To No.2 Air Command, Winnipeg, 18 September 1945

    To No.2 FTS, Yorkton, 15 October 1945

    To No.2 Air Command, Winnipeg, 16 December 1945

    To No.1 Composite Training School, Toronto, 11 April 1946

    To No.2 Air Command, Winnipeg, 10 June 1946

    To No.9402 Reserve Detachment, Winnipeg, 16 August 1946

    To No.2 Air Command Communications Flight, Winnipeg, 17 December 1946

    To Station Winnipeg, 1 March 1947

    To Station Rivers, 10 May 1947

    To Station Winnipeg, 7 October 1947

    Retired 21 October 1947.

    Died in North Vancouver, 22 February 1990.

    Entries on various websites provide a variety of statements that seem to be at variance with facts. There is no evidence by way of Canada Gazette, London Gazette, or his file that he ever held the rank of Squadron Leader.

    Although it has been stated that he received a DFC some 40 years after the war, there is no Gazette evidence that this award was ever approved. One statement is to the effect that after he was shot down in May 1940, Squadron Leader Halahan wrote the Dibnah family saying, “I'm sure your son is alright and I've recommended him for the D.F.C. for his superb fighting." The CO would have known that it was forbidden to disclose award recommendations before they had been approved at higher level, and he would have known that "recommendation" is not the same as "approval". I know of many recommendations that were shot down for various reasons, including quota limits on the number that could be approved in a given time period.

    Repeated statements that he destroyed nine enemy aircraft are at odds with evidence. It is apparent that he did submit claims for a Me.110 damaged on 31 August 1940 and for a Me.110 destroyed on 6 September 1940 - both claims originating with No.1 (not No.242) Squadron. Curiously, when summarizing his career in January 1945, he did NOT mention these claims. Instead, he stated he had destroyed three V-1 "robot bombs". Brian Cull, in his book "Diver ! Diver ! DIVER !", confirms one such victory (23 June 1944).

    It is difficult to say how much of his career (honorable though it was) has been embellished by others.
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    If you look at this site:
    You will find a photograph of Dibnah's medal cluster clearly showing the British and American DFCs. That the records are not up to date is not a surprise, especially for the period around the evacuation fron France before the Battle of Britain. I doubt that Dibnah would go to such an elaborate effort as to fake the medals or buy someone else's.

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    Via Email:
    Fl/Lt R.H. IRELAND posted to 28 SQN on 21.03.1944 ex UK. RAF N 47491.
    Then posted to 11 SQN on 27.12.1944.
    Killed on 20/04/1945 on a mission from Sinthe /Burma.
    Buried at CWGC Taukkyan war cemetary/Burma.

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