This question is probably for Chris Thomas.
In The Typhoon/Tempest Story and 2TAF series are mentioned those men: F/L J.W.H. Wilson (245 Sqn), S/L J.W. Wilson (184 Sqn) and F/L J.W. Wilson (83 GSU).

Two entries from the 184 Sqns ORB (www.184squadron.com), says :
5.8.1944 the new C.O. Wilson, DFC was at 245 Sqn as F/Lt
5.10.1944 - News came through of the posting of the C.O. S/Ldr, J.W.H. Wilson, DFC... - on the rest.

I understand that two men - from 245 and 184 Sqns - are actually the one: James William Hastie Wilson, DFC, (69484) RAFVR. Am I right?

But is F/L J.W. Wilson who had damaged the Typhoon JP685 of 83 GSU in landing accident, Westhampnett, 28.1.1945 the same J.W.H Wilson above?


SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 5 FEBRUARY, 1946 (vieiwing page 813) The undermtd. (on account of medical unfitness for Air Force service) retaining their rank: 27th Jan. 1946. Flt. Lts. : J. W. H. WILSON (69484).

Why there is not D.F.C.?