My grandfather's service record (Spitfire pilot at Takali on Malta during 1942) has a cryptic posting to a "I/C/W/T Station" on 31.4.43. What is strange about this is that at the time he was serving a prison sentence following a Field General Courts Martial.

I had previously asked on these boards for assistance in identifying the station, but to no avail.

However, thanks to research at the NAA by Bruce Dennis (an active member of these boards and research agent) I have by accident discovered the answer. Through reading an extract of "Location of Units in the Royal Air Force" (I was looking for details on Takali Station) I stumbled onto the "Inter-Command W/T Station" located at Kalafrana, Malta, which matches the service record abbreviation.

Also located at the Station were No. 52 Embarkation Unit and Maintenance Wing (Malta).

What was the role and function of the Inter-Command W/T Station? And what possible role (if any) could an imprisoned Sergeant (now LAC) Pilot serve there?