Good morning,

I am looking for more informations about a letter, kindly provided me from the brother of a RAFVR navigator whose plane crashed on the Western Alps during November, 1943. This story refers to this topic,

I am currently writing my essay about this crew, and I found this misterious letter from the G. Q. Parachute Co. Ltd, Woking, Surrey, dated 3rd January 1943.
The letter states that this navigator, Flight Sergeant Eric Walter Lawrence (1392140 RAFVR, born in Colchester, Essex) made a "successful emergency parachute descent" on the 8th August, 1943. After this launch, he was created member of the "G. Q. Club" and awarded with the n.189 Gold Badge.
This letter is signed by the founder and chairman, Sir Raymond Quilter.

I would really like to understand more about that. An "emergency descent" means, in my opinion, that Flight Sgt. Lawrence was obliged to quit a plane, for unknown reasons.

Is it possible to understand why, and where? What did it happen on the August, 8th?
It would be very interesting for my book. Unfortunately, neither his brother (who provided this letter to me) knows more.

Thanking you all with regards,