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Thread: German forces crossed the Danish border 70 years ago today

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    Default German forces crossed the Danish border 70 years ago today

    On 9 April 1940 at about 4 a.m. the first German troops crossed the Danish border. In the air two Danish airmen are killed.

    At 0510 hrs. the commanding officer at Værløse airfield was noticed by Head Quarters that German troops had occupied central military installations in Copenhagen. At 0520 hrs. Wilhelm Godtfredsen [] and observer, Pilot Officer Gustav F. Brodersen [] took off in Fokker CV M/33 (II R) 'R-49' from the airfield. They were ordered to carry out a reconnaissance mission covering the roads from Copenhagen to Værløse. During take of they were attacked by incoming German aircraft. The aircraft was hit and crashed killing both men. Wolfgang Falck, I/ZG1, was credited with the victory.

    Danish TV2 is covering the event as was it "breaking news" today with live update on events during the day minute by minute, cf. (in Danish)

    At the same time a poll was published showing that a scary 45 percent of Danes are unaware of the historic event marked on this day. Flags at half mast, ceremonies etc.

    Mikkel Plannthin
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    Have you seen this website ?


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