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Thread: Baled Out Three Times?

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    Malcolm Guest

    Default Baled Out Three Times?

    653544 Sergeant Harry Ethelbert Turner DFM

    I have been trying to piece together the above airman’s flying career during the Second World War. However, I am experiencing some difficulty as there are two H. E.Turners flying with 144 Squadron from RAF Hemswell in Lincolnshire during the same period, both as Wireless Operator / Air Gunners.

    The other H. E. Turner I have identified as: 645043 Sergeant Harry Edward Turner.
    I am aware of the information given in 'The Hampden File' regarding 'Harry Edward Turner'.

    However, I believe 653544 Sergeant Harry Ethelbert Turner, the subject of my research, is the individual who baled out on three separate occasions. As yet, I am unable to positively confirm this.

    I have the following information available relating to the three incidents that I believe 653544 Sergeant Harry Ethelbert Turner was involved in:

    Hampden P2079 – Crew baled out near Hemswell, Lincolnshire.

    Sgt. R. H. Pearman
    Sgt. S. R. Streeter
    Sgt. H . E. Turner
    Sgt. L. W. Jones

    Hampden P4359 – Crew baled out near Taverham, Norfolk.

    Sgt. R. H. Pearman
    Sgt. H. Masters
    Sgt. H . E. Turner
    Sgt. A. Simmons

    Hampden AD745 – Crew baled out near Chelveston, Northamptonshire.

    P/O. R. N. Harrison
    Sgt. E. W. Smith
    Sgt. H . E. Turner
    Sgt. A. Simmons

    I am able to positively identify 653544 Sergeant Harry Ethelbet Turner as the Wireless Operator/Air Gunner in P/O Harrison's crew, the ORB entry for this flight records the last three digits of his service number against his name. Unfortunately this was not done for the proceeding two incidents. However, it is given against his name on other flights with his pilot Sergeant Pearman. Therefore, I am fairly certain that this is likely to be the same man. But I have no proof. Like wise on a few other flights the last three digits of Harry Edward Turner’s serial number also appear. They are both flying on ops with their respective crews on a least one night.

    I was hoping that sources of information could exist that relate to the above incidents giving the service numbers of those involved. If Forum members can recommend possible research sources then I would be extremely grateful. As yet I have not tried to trace any records for the actual aircraft themselves. Is it likely that any documents would contain crew details including individual service numbers?

    653544 Sergeant Harry Ethelbet Turner was subsequently awarded the DFM and later killed during 1944 flying with over Italy with No.114 Squadron.

    Any help or advice will be much appreciated.

    With kind regards – Malcolm.

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    Malcolm Guest


    It has been suggested to me that aircraft loss cards for the three incidents may contain details of the crew including service numbers. Can any Forum member confirm this is likely to be the case before I try to obtain them? I have also been told that the Station ORB as opposed to the Squdron version might also contain references. Again has anyone experience of the content of these volumes?

    Kind regards – Malcolm

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    I have found the Station Record Books to contain a lot more information with regard to accidents and losses than that contained in the Sqn ORB. However there is never a guarantee with this as they were also compiled by a human. It's certainly worth having a look if you can get to the National Archives or know someone who is going.



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    Malcolm Guest


    Hello Daz:

    Many thanks for the tip. I will undertake to do this.

    Kind regards – Malcolm.

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    Default Crash cards

    The crash card F1180 would give you at lest the pilots name and serial number.

    There are nice F765 forms with all the crew names and serials but in my recent experience only a family member will be given access to these and even at that, they RAF AHB typed out the report and didn't transfer the other crew members serial numbers and sent this to the mans son. Might be my experience only.

    Not sure if you ran tha names through the London gazette but here are some possibles:

    Gazette Issue 36314 published on the 31 December 1943. Page 2 of 8
    742479 Robert Harvey PEARMAN (162512). 4th Nov. 1943.

    Gazette Issue 35804 published on the 27 November 1942. Page 2 of 8
    581540' Stanley Robert STREETER, D.F.M. (50119). -25th Sept. 1942.
    I haven't found his DFM award which might give a Squadron.

    Dennis Burke
    - Dublin

    Foreign Aircrew and Aircraft Ireland 1939-1945

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    Eddie Fell Guest


    The DFM for Stanley Robert Streeter was awarded while with No. 23 Sqn LG 27/3/42



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    Malcolm Guest


    Dennis & Eddie:

    Thank you both for the helpful information.

    Kind regards – Malcolm.

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    Roony Guest



    Check your PMs.

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    Malcolm Guest


    PM read and reply sent.

    Many thanks for kind offer – Regards – Malcolm.

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