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Thread: 158 Sqn Halifax DT635 3rd Apr 1943

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    Steve H Guest

    Default 158 Sqn Halifax DT635 3rd Apr 1943

    The above aircraft and crew were lost on a raid to Essen, supposedly they crashed near Monchengladbach, as their graves were found there after the end of hostilities in 1945.

    The truth is, the aircraft and crew were shot down near the small village of Pfalzdorf, just to the north of the german town of Goch on the lower Rhine.

    I belong to a small group, who are at the moment trying to collect as much information about the aircraft and crew, such as single or crew photographs, contact addresses with any living relatives, to aid us in our future exhibition next spring.

    Any help would be gratefully accepted,

    Best wishes

    Steve H

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    Hi Steve
    Just in case you haven't got access to RAF Bomber Command Losses Vol 4, W R Chorley, he records the loss as at Munchengladbach with the crew as follows:-
    F/Lt J D Cole-pilot
    Sgt R Gowing- F/E
    P/O R C Stemp- Nav
    Sgt B J Warr- Air Bomber
    Sgt A Ward-W/op
    Sgt W A Robinson-M/u
    Sst C G Dawson-Tail
    He records that Cole's parents lived in Alexandria, and Sgt Warr was a Canadian serving in the RAF. A look on the CWGC website should give a start as to Next-of-Kin

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    Hi Steve,

    I can add that Maj. Werner Streib, Kommandeur of I./NJG1 claimed this aircraft shot down for his 47th victory, he claimed it shot down at location 'near Pfalzdorf, 43 km N Roermond' from a height of 4.500 metres at 23.30 hrs, during a Himmelbett (GCI) sortie in box 5B.

    Hope this is of use

    Cheers, Theo

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    Eddie Fell Guest


    Hi Steve

    DT635 was a Mk. II built by English Electric under Contract No. B982938/39 and delivered to No. 158 Squadron on 31/12/42. It was lost on its 14th Operation.

    I cannot help with photos or details of relatives, but I can provide you with a list of Operations flown by the crew if you wish and some other little bits of information.

    Contact me at EddieFell AT (replacing the AT) if this will help



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