During the night of 28-29 October 1940 (probably in the evening of 28 October 1940), the Bf 110 D-2 WNr 3356 of 9./NJG 1 was shot down in an air battle against an RAF bomber west of Kiel and crashed 4 km northwest of Tellingstedt. Both crew, Uffz. Karl Bertram (pilot) and Ofw. Kurt Lorenz (radio), were killed. Bertram was the second of three brothers to die in action with the Luftwaffe this fall and the surviving brother, Hptm Otto Bertram, the Gruppenkommander of III./JG 2 and a successful ace with 9 victories in Spain and 13 during WWII, was then retired from active service as the only surviving son.

I would like to know the RAF side of the battle, especially if there exists combat report of this battle. So I am interested in any claim by RAF gunners for the night of 28-29 October 1940.

Thanks in advance