Article on RAF news feed:

From the RAF News dated 7 may 10:
A pilot who fought in the Battle of France and later became a test pilot for the RAF, has been reunited with part of a Spitfire he tested more than 60 years ago after the a/c was discovered in a barn in Canada.
Wg Cdr (Retd) Peter Ayerst DFC signed the ammunition loading panels from the wings of Spitfire SL542, an a/c that he first flew in July 45, during a ceremony at St Georges Chapel, Biggin Hill.
The event was witnessed by Marcel Deschamps, the man who discovered, bought and hopes to restore the a/c. The French-Canadian, 57, found the dismantled Spitfire, that had originally been a gate guardian in the UK, in a barn in Quebec where it had been stored for more than 20 years. It was originally sold by the RAF in the 1970s and taken to Florida and then onto Quebec.
An article about the Spitfire in a magazine that appeared in Britain was seen by a friend Wg Cmdr Ayerst. He and Mr Deschamps met for the first time at the signing ceremony last month. The signed panels will return to Canada with Mr Deschamps.
Wg Cmr Ayerst who became a flying instructor after the Battle of France taught many of the pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain, and Spitfire Ace Johnnie Johnson. Wg Cmdr Ayerst who tested more than 600 Spitfires (including 14 versions of the a/c) as a test pilot said "I am amazed. Its great, particularly that the knowledge about the Spitfire is still going. Every flight or test I made is logged. I have six logbooks. The 30 minute test flight on SL542 is logged on July 16, 1945."
Mr Deschamps, a keen aviator, who runs his own freight business in Montreal, bought the Spitfire Mk XVI two years ago for $CA500000 (300000). He said "The Spitfire is complete-its not in flying condition but all the parts, the engine and the propeller are there. Its a project. It just needs to be rebuilt-if I have the emotional courage to doi it. The Spitfire is a British icon and a well know a/c around the world. I was tempted to buy it and thats why I bought it with a friend."
SL542 was built at the Castle Bromwich Factory in 1945. Following its air test by Wg Cmdr Ayerst it served with 595 Sqn, 695 Sqn, and Nos 1 & 2 Civilian AAC Units. The a/c crashed 3 times in its history-twice at Pembury-and once at RAF Duxford where it became a gate guardian outside the Station Flight Hangar.

There is a pic of the signing ceremony and of the Wg Cmdr in his wartime era. Nice article!

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