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    Can anyone outline for me the duties of a "Squadron Signals Leader" in a bomber squadron circa July 1942 August 1943 would have been?

    The individual concerned was flying as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner on ops during this period with the rank of F/Lt. He had previously attended a "Signal Leaders" course.

    Any help will be most welcome.

    Kind regards Malcolm.

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    Hi Malcolm
    All big units had "Leaders" for each Aircrew category. They would have been the most senior suitable and would have been responsible for operating standards in that category, training,some briefing etc as well as carrying out the function themselves. If necessary they would have been asked for advice from Sqn CO'S or other Sqn personnel on matters relating to their specialised function.If the Sqn was to be requipped with extra equipment they would have been the first to be trained on it and would then have been responsible for ensuring the Sqn training, either by instructing themselves or arranging the selection and release of Sqn personnel for courses. It has been a regular practice in the RAF for a long time and still is, as far as I know

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    Malcolm Guest


    Hello Dick:

    Thank you for the really interesting answer. It has proved extremely helpful.

    Kind regards Malcolm.

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