Dear all,

Again a request for help regarding individual letters of Spifires of 602 Squadron which were involved in several air war events over my research area in the time frame October 1944-March 1945. I've already checked the ORB and, if possible, photographic evidence. The serials concerned are:

MJ294, MJ441, MJ520, MJ848, MJ873

MK230, MK464, MK793, MK999

ML205, ML270, ML374, ML381


SM234, SM235, SM236, SM243, SM245, SM254, SM257, SM267, SM276, SM287, SM288, SM301, SM310, SM341, SM342, SM343, SM351, SM353, SM361, SM388, SM400, SM424, SM538

Hope someone may have a code in his files.

Thanks in advance for your efforts,
Hans Nauta