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Thread: AB-IX query RCAF T-33 crash 16 July 1953

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    I am the godson of AJH van der Haar's mother. When she died in 1962 she left me all documents and pictures that she received from the RCAF.
    When the RNLAF informed her about the accident she was told that her son crashed during a nosedive exercise and that both, he and his instructor were killed. With the exception of the bombing part this is consistent with your version.
    She was also told that most of his fellow students were on leave when it happened and that this was to be one last exercise for AJH before hÝs leave. This seems to be different from what you remember.
    She had a picture of the Harvard Mk2 "HN*B" but she told me that the accident took place during the first flight in a new type of jet.
    Since she and I are not familiar with any of these planes our memories may have been distorted. I understood that the first T-33's arrived at MacDonald a few weeks before the accident so her version is not impossible, but still puzzling.

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