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Thread: 30 Sqn Blenheim crashes Sept 1939

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    Default 30 Sqn Blenheim crashes Sept 1939


    On 11th September 1939 Blenheim K7093 carried out a belly landing at Ismailia. The pilot was Pilot Officer F C B Harrison. The aircraft was declared a write off and struck off charge in Jan 1940. This was Harrison's second solo flight in a Blenheim. He was also the sole occupant of the aircraft.

    On 12th September 1939 Blenheim K7095 had its port undercarriage collapse on landing, again at Ismailia. The pilot was Pilot Officer A C H Haines. The Blenheim was subsequently repaired and later lost in Greece.

    I am trying to find the names of the other crew members for K7095 and aircraft codes for both aircraft. Any help would be appreciated. I have the ORB and accident cards but they only name the pilots. 'Flat Out' by John Hamlin only briefly mentions these two incidents.


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