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Thread: F/O L Ereminsky, RAF

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    Default F/O L Ereminsky, RAF

    Hi Forumites:

    A few years ago there was a posting on this site regarding the above named officer. He was a Flight Commander in 56 Sqn, when unfortunately he crashed and was killed in a flying accident on 17th June, 1940.
    The aircraft, Hurricane P2882, crashed near West Horsley, Surrey; does anybody know exactly where the aircraft came down?

    Thanks in anticipation,

    Andy Wis

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    Default Re: F/O L Ereminsky, RAF

    For some reason, the CWGC listed Ereminsky as being with 151 Sqn at the time of his death:,-leonid/
    Our database reflects this:

    The TNA file: confirms name and aircraft serial P2882.
    In file AIR27-528-12 (56 Sqn Record of Events Jun 1940), downloaded from: http://discovery.nationalarchives.go...ils/r/D8451867
    entry is on Page 33, take off time 0810 "a/c crashed near Leatherhead"
    In file AIR27-528-11 (56 Sqn Summary of Events Jun 1940), downloaded from: http://discovery.nationalarchives.go...ils/r/D8451866
    entry is on Page 4, bottom entry "F/O Ereminsky crashed in flames".

    The CWGC has accepted a correction, and their new entry showing his unit as 56 Sqn will be online in a day or so.
    Can our database also be amended please?

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