During my last visit at Kew, I was looking for some specific PoW questionnaires in the WO344 series, and I copied a few others while I was perusing through the volumes. I copied the first page for Flying Officer Robert Douglas HOGARTH, R.A.A.F., Aus 425161. He was captured on 9th August 1944 and was a member of No. 180 Squadron. I checked in “2nd T.A.F. – volume 2”, but I failed to find his name mentioned on page 253 which covers the loss of 3 Mitchells of that unit (FW113, FW175 and FL120).

With his name and service number, I checked the National Archives of Australia website :
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Title HOGARTH, Robert Douglas - (Flight Lieutenant); Service Number - 425161; File type - Casualty - Repatriation; Aircraft - Mitchell FW113; Place - Wo-in-Court, France; Date - 9 August 1944
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Contents date range
1944 - 1960
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Title HOGARTH ROBERT DOUGLAS : Service Number - 425161 : Date of birth - 24 Oct 1910 : Place of birth - TOOWOOMBA QLD : Place of enlistment - BRISBANE : Next of Kin - HOGARTH BERYL
Series number
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Contents date range
1939 - 1948
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Incidentally, Wo-in-court is the place of capture stated in the poW questionnaire. There’s indeed a village in the Somme département named Woincourt (in one word) roughly between le Tréport and Abbeville, but this doesn’t match with the “Foret de Lyon” location stated in “2nd T.A.F.”

I tried a google search on him and found this :
C3 Robert Douglas Hogarth, Flight Lieutenant Royal Australian Air Force, served with Royal Air Force Bomber Command, shot down and then prisoner of war, born 24 October 1910, married 2 August 1939 Beryl Marion (born 25 July 1908, died 5 July 1981) daughter of John Nicholson, and died 30 July 1998 leaving issue.

Which confirms he was in the R.A.A.F., and that he passed away 12 years ago.

Can someone confirm he was in Mitchell II FW113, as a fifth crew member, and in which capacity ?

Thanks in advance