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Thread: Repatriated Airmen

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    Default Repatriated Airmen

    Can anyone advise regarding the status of airmen, either Axis or Allied, who were held in captivity or interned in a neutral country and subsequently released to their home country before the end of the war?

    Was there a "convention" or some form of agreement in place between the warring powers that prohibited these airmen from flying operationally again?

    Cheers, Ken
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    Hi Ken

    I don't think there was a 'convention' but personnel who escaped were usually not permitted to fly or serve again in or over the territories from which they escaped. My father escaped from Southern Germany (Army) in 1944 and from ariving back in the UK to VE-Day he was employed on home duties but as soon as the fighting ceased he was sent to Germany where he remained until being demobbed in 1946.

    I also know of an airman (whose records I have) who was interned in Portugal whilst ferrying a Wellington to the Middle East. He was released before the end of the war and remained on home flying duties again until VE-Day when he was then sent to the Far East when he flew operationally until the end of the war.

    Airmen who had escaped and been helped by the resistance also were often not permitted to fly over those areas in case they were captured again and could give away details about those who helped them.

    AVM Basil Embry had evaded and escaped from France in 1940 and although he did continue flying operationally he was forced to adopt the pseudonym of Wg Cdr Smith because he actually 'had a price on his head' having killed one of his guards during his escape.


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