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Thread: Practice granting commissions ca. 1943

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    Default Practice granting commissions ca. 1943

    A couple of letters from the Recruiting Office, Danish Nationals, in London to the Air Ministry in January 1943 concern the practice of granting commissions in the RAF.

    The problem for several Danes at the time - as it is described in these letters - are that they are awaiting possibilities to get further training, i.e. they cannot get postings to OTU's and are stuck at EFTSs og SFTSs in Canada.

    In a letter of 25 Jan 43 a "new ruling" is quoted. This apparently means that commissions are granted not when flying training is completed at the SFTS, but at the unit. As the Danes cannot be posted, they cannot get commissions.

    My question is, whether anyone is familiar with this change in practice and are able to tell when the change took place, and why.


    Mikkel Plannthin
    Britain's Victory, Denmark's Freedom. Danish Volunteers in Allied Air Forces During the Second World War - a resource on Danish aircrew during the Second World War

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    I find this extremely odd, to the point of making no sense at all, and wonder is someone has misunderstood or misinterpreted a communication. Even if the pilots in question were not commissioned on completion of SFTS training, they would at that stage be entitled to their flying badge (wings) and promotion to the rank of Sergeant; that would be enough to enable their posting to additional flying training at General Reconnaissnce Schools, Operational Training Units or Advanced Flying Units Pilot), with commissioning following.
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