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Thread: Sgt John Thomas Strickland 922262

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    Philip, Hi,
    John Thomas Strickland
    922262 TNA AIR 78/153/1/78 (If not Cmd then not in LG unless for Gong/MiD)
    922262 is in the Block 900000-934899 RAFVR issued at Uxbridge between 04-Jan-40 and 30-Apr-40.
    Assuming Enlistment at age 18 would give his birth date around 1922.
    You can have (in E&W):-
    Births Q4 1901 Strickland, John Thomas, Doncaster 9c 902
    Births Q3 1911 STRICKLAND, John T (MMS Strickland!), Kendal 10b 1473
    Births Q2 1918 Strickland, John T, (MMS Shaw) Holborn 1b 754
    Peter Davies
    PS Just noticed Holborn to Uxbridge is only 16 statute miles!
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    If you search by serial number you have asked this on at least three or more threads.

    Peter has posted I think the same answer on most of those. Save him the effort by simply posting on the old threads.

    Suggestion I'd make is look up ORBs on the free TNA veiwers for Stricklands on Hurricane units in Jan 1943. I expect he would be posted out by then.

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    (Administrator Hat on)

    All, this thread is the merging of Seven threads of essentially the same question and answers. All seven threads are posted by the same member - this should not be happening.

    I say this with all due respect, that even though time has passed, opening multiple threads occasionally which fetches the same answers is not effective.

    Please bump up the old thread with request for new information. If members lost track of the thread - then members should use the subscription option "htt p://<thread number>" which can be found under "Thread Tools" and "Subscribe to this thread" to keep track of the threads that are important to them. Plus, it would be more respective of other forum members who are willing to add their answers. I see Peter has been stepping up every time trying to answer the same question.

    Where i find threads with the same question being repeated again, I will go ahead and merge the new threads with the old threads without further notice.

    (Administrator hat off)

    Thank you for bearing with me. :)

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