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Thread: 285 squadron AA Co-op unit

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    Default 285 squadron AA Co-op unit

    I know very little about this unit which was another one of my granddad's postings as groundcrew/technical training experience in summer 1942

    There is this brief history from Rafweb.I also have got some crash details from their Woodvale days from the unit and know the RAF museum's Defiant flew with them.

    ....Formed at Wrexham on 1 December 1941 from No 9 Group Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Flight. It was initially equipped with various types of aircraft including Lysanders, Blenheims, Hudsons.

    It role was to provide target towing and to carry out attack simulations in order to provide continuation train for anti-aircraft units in its area, which changed quite a bit during its career, Honiley in October 1942, Woodvale from August 1943, Andover from November 1944, North Weald in 4 January 1945 and finally Weston Zoyland from 20 January 1945.

    Later types taken on strength included Defiants, Oxfords (both March 1942), Martinets (July 1943), Beaufighters (September 1943), Hurricanes (January 1944 ) and Mustang Is (March 1945). The squadron finally disbanded on 26 June 1945.

    Squadron Codes used: -
    GH Allocated Apr - Sep 1939
    VG Dec 1941 - Jul 1945

    I asked the webmaster if he had any more info,unfortunately he doesn't have anything.

    I'm hoping there's one or two photos from this unit in existence.

    Alternatively,does anyone have a copy of ORB pages know of any veterans memoirs from the squadron?

    Thanks in advance

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    Please PM me as I might have some records tucked away on No.285 (AAC) Squadron. I have not seen them for a year or two but will endeavour to track them down and see if there is any content of interest.

    Kind regards,


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