I post this to explain to the forum why I am deleting the User Profiles for Peter and KevinW4.

I was suspicious of the current activity of KevinW4 as it seemed to mirror that of a forum member who has chosen to no longer post but still had an open profile.

The profile for Peter (Peter Clare) gives his email address as peter@clare367.freeserve.co.uk

The profile for KevinW4 gives his email address as kevin.regan3@ntlworld.com

However Post from IClare9 on PPrune has the text.

Rodger, you have private message. If you can't access, please email me: [email="kevin.regan3@ntlworld.com"]kevin.regan3@ntlworld.com[/EMAILl
There are many great people that are offering help, and I think you'd like to read their info.

His recent posting can be compared to that on the Catalina near port etienne



I find his actions in having registered here with two completely different user names disgusting coupled with using KevinW4 to continue posting Lostbombers cut and paste with the deliberate statement that his info source was BCL.

I am also saddened to see that on other forums he has also posted on the same thread using both names.


Both profiles have now been removed but I do not doubt that he will use other posting names here.