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    Hi there
    My grandfather flew in 8 different lancs that were subsequently shot down during his time at Elsham Wolds in 1944. Im investigating 5 of them and would like any info or photos on Lancaster ND903, which was lost down on 26th July 44 on ops to Stuttgart. I think it was a mid air collision but the crew were all killed and buried in Orleans. Any help much appreciated!!

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    ND903 fell near La Ferté St Cyr not far from the Loire river.
    All the crew of F/O Maurice Ballard Dyer RCAF was killed.
    The brother of Sgt Blanchard and other relative of the crew stayed a long time in contact
    with Marius Thouvais, an old man who did a lot to help to identify the crew after the crash and try to contact their family.
    As the local people of the village had organised a special ceremony for two crews lost on 1 July 1944 (crew of P/O Estell 100 Squadron,and crew of P/O Knowles SDF Binbrook) in their cemetery, the germans took this crew to buried them to Orleans.


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