In memory of F/O C.F. Read a distant relative of mine.

Researching 102 Squadron I have read Chris Goss’s excellent book “It’s suicide but it’s fun” and Tim Wingham’s equally harrowing “Halifax down!”. Don’t read either if you are of a nervous disposition. Tom Winghams book highlights that all is not always what it seems.

For further background I also have a copy of Mike Underwoods’ “RAF Pocklington and RAF Elvington War Diaries”.

Any more information about the crew or other raids F/O C. F. Read was on would be very welcome.

Are there any ways to find out more about the crash site? Is it marked in any way?
The crash site being 10KM south of Maubeuge.

The Halifax DY-Q “Queenie” was a Halifax HP59 MKII can anyone post a photo or link to the exact specification of this model ?

"The men were very good to us and we were not hurt. They were a wall unto us both by night and day."
1 Samuel 25:15-16.