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Thread: RAAF & RNZAF service numbers

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    Default RAAF & RNZAF service numbers

    I noticed on Chris Pointon's post re: Sgt AF Rowlands Air Gunner 70 Sqdn RAF --
    A quote from Errol 's reply --
    "The RNZAF's numbering of airmen in 1942 began with NZ42100".

    Were RAAF & RNZAF service numbers similar ? I've often wondered but am ignorant about service number procedures.

    My RAAF father's service number was 422612. He enlisted in May 1942 .[originally the number of an 18th AFA Brigade man, EJS Dillworth, who enlisted in 4/3/31 & was discharged 8/7/31] -- National Archives of Australia

    Other RAAF men who died on the same mission had numbers 424243 & 424771 -presumably enlisting later ?

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