I have managed to track down, on behalf of my partner's now ageing aunt, some details of the said aunt's cousin - he was Warrant Officer Albert Stanley Palmer (643812) DFM, who was killed on 20 Apr 44 while he was serving on 635 Sqn, when he was the Flight Engineer in the crew of Lancaster ND826, which took off to bomb rail installations tasked to Ottignies, but crashed at Dion-le-Mont (Brabant), 4 km ESE of Wavre, Belgium; Warrant Officer Palmer and the crew are buried in Heverlee War Cemetery nearby.

He had been transferred (along with a whole flight) from 97 Sqn the month before when 635 Sqn was formed, having served on 97 Sqn for a couple of years in 1942/3, and having served on 419 Sqn before that in 1941.

I have found some information from sources such as the "fire by night" and "Lost Bombers" websites, and I have been attempting to use the National Archives website (with little success) to see if I can find out more about his DFM, as the aunt has a copy of the letter from Buckingham Palace inviting Palmer's wife to attend to receive his award posthumously.

I would be very grateful if there is anything that anyone can point me in a direction or help me any further, in particular concerning the circumstances of the crash and his DFM citation; regarding the latter, according to the "Lost Bombers" entry for ND826, his award was gazetted on 11 Feb 44, so it was presumably awarded for his service while on 97 Sqn.

Many thanks,

Mark Williams