My father-in-law, Czeslaw Raczkowski, was on a SOE mission the night of Feb. 15-16, 1941. He was a political courier. The idea was to drop him and two others near Krakow to link up with the underground there. Unfortunately, a navigation error caused them to be dropped in German territory instead of Poland. One of the others broke an ankle in the jump and the team split up to make their separate ways to Krakow. My father-in-law was captured trying to cross a river. He spent time in Gross-Rosen (Gestapo tortured the hell out of him) before escaping during a bombing raid while out on work detail.

The problem is that like so many others of his generation he never talked about any of this stuff. I managed to get him to tell me a few things because I was curious and he appreciated that I was genuinely interested in history. It was extremely painful for him to talk about it. My wife has no knowledge of his activities. I'd like my kids to have some idea of what their grandfather did during the war. I can pass along only the most basic details. I was wondering if there are RAF records that the public can access.

I'm not sure whether he was actually a member of the Polish RAF, or attached to the government in exile. I'm pretty sure he went thru some kind of training with the SOE.

Thanks in advance for any help.