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    Back in 2001, during an interview with a reporter from a local paper, AUS416096 S/L Septimus Giffin Mills HERBERT RAAF, stated the following: "I put the war behind me when l came home, but some losses are unforgettable. In the space of three weeks, we lost about 90 men from our squadron. Twice in a fortnight two planes lost direction and crashed into the ground. There were 29 people on each plane and no survivors. And then to cap it off, an aeroplane being ferried lost just over 30 people. So out of a squadron of about 100, they got just about the lot. We were a miserable looking collection of blokes there for a while."

    Given the vagaries of time and memory (Herbert was 78 at the time), can anyone identify "Bill" Herbert's unit? He was discharged in September 1945, as a Squadron Leader, attached to No.105(T) OTU., so we could be looking at a transport unit.

    Herbert spent most of the war flying on ferrying duties, in the Middle East and Italy.

    His A9300 is not digitised, and he has no A705.

    Any assistance welcomed.


    PS. Apologies about the heading; Caps Lock problems.
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