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Thread: Operations Block Building Plans

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    Default Operations Block Building Plans

    Hi all,

    With the operations block at the former Coastal Command airfield at Banff being given grade 2 listed building status there are now plans afoot to try and restore it to it's former glory and for it to be used as an interprative centre for further learning and education of all matters relating to the Second World War in the North East of Scotland. There are various groups involved including the "RAF Banff Association" which is one of the small cogs in the the "Banff Airfield Trust" (try googling it and see what we are hoping to achieve).

    To this end we have been advised by official bodies that to carry out approved work in keeping with the grade 2 listing that the ops block has that we should look to restore the building from original builders plans and diagrams including elevation/side elevation drawings etc.

    Can any one help as to where we may get hold of such drawings? I am aware that the National Archives will probably hold details but does anyone know the file numbers for this particular area? I know that this is a big ask but any help that we can get in trying to restore this building would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks


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    Have you thought of posting this on the 'Airfield Information Exchange' forum. There is a wealth of information on such buildings there. The forum has an extensive archive of airfield and building plans and drawings.
    The wartime airfields of Hunsdon & Sawbridgeworth.

    The Hertfordshire Airfields Memorial Group.

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    Hi Colin,

    The aerodrome plans are held at RAF Museum, Hendon.

    If you look at the bottom of the plan you will see a key for all the buildings, included in the text is the drawing number for each structure.

    Banff record site plan is 4382/44 for Site No.1 but the Ops block is not shown on this drawing so ask DoRIS for the relevant site plan

    Although the building drawing archive is incomplete it is an odds on chance that Hendon will have a copy of the building G.A. for the Banff Ops Block.

    eg the Squadron and flight offices are 12776/41 Type N for Nissen.


    Found it on 4383/44

    Building No. 127 Operations Block, Temporary Brick Building, Type C&COTU, Drawing 9223/42

    So ask for a copy of 9223/42. This will be the typical, each aerodrome had small deviations but local drawings have long gone so photos are best for these details.

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