This is really a continuation of the Heinkell thread that I started on 17 July, but I'm starting a new one in the hope it might eventually prove useful to others.

I have traced the wife of the captain of the fishing boat which rescued two of the crew from a Heinkell shot down off Margate on 12 June 1940. Unfortunately apart from the fact that the boat had been at Dunkirk two weeks previously, and that two of its crew were wounded following an attack by a Messerschmitt the following April, she was unable to add to the story as printed in a number of local and national papers.

The two rescued men were the pilot, Gerd Nissen, and flight engineer, Hans Peckhaus, and it occurs to me they must have been interrogated. Which rather long-windedly brings me to my question - can anyone advise which NA Series/File contains interrogation reports of captured German airmen?