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Thread: F/O William John STEELE (RCAF, J16806)

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    Default F/O William John STEELE (RCAF, J16806)

    William John STEELE (RCAF, J16806)

    Did the above ever serve with 417 Sqn RCAF. His bio in “Those Other Eagles”, by Chris Shores, makes no mention of 417 Sqn RCAF. His last unit is given as 601 Sqn (last claim 25Apr43).

    In “Spitfires Over Sicily”, by Brian Cull et al, a P/O W.J. Steele is mentioned as being with 417 Sqn RCAF on 29Aug43.

    I believe both 601 Sqn and 417 Sqn RCAF were with 244 Wg between the dates in question (Apr43-Aug43) so it seems highly likely this is the same individual. I would be grateful if anyone could confirm this and tell me on what date was he posted from 601 Sqn to 417 Sqn RCAF.

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