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    Default Navigator's lamp

    Hi folks. In the immediate post war period, my father purchased, ex surplus stock, a navigator's lamp. Apart from the Air Ministry initials and crown, there appears the following on the base of the stand - "5C/1079 H.T.& S." I wonder if anyone can tell me the type of aircraft that this design of lamp would have been fitted into ?

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    I'd imagine it was a standard Air Minisitry Part which migh tbe fitted to any large aircraft. Pop the term into the flight global archives:

    5C 1079


    Terry anglepoise

    it was widely advertiased asa draughtman lamp, but probably different product.
    the above is an example on the Halifax
    Dennis Burke
    - Dublin

    Foreign Aircrew and Aircraft Ireland 1939-1945

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    Default Lamp Details

    5C is the RAF Section & sub section: eg section 1 = tools, sub section A = files.

    The numerics are the reference number within the section/sub section.

    The fact that the lamp is coded 5C suggests a general application, not a specific aircraft type. Had it been aircraft specific the section/sub section would have been 26 something/something (26 being the code for aircraft specific items).

    Blimey - I'm an anorack!!!!!!!!!


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    Hello Ian,

    As a point of interest, I recall my father, a former WWII Halifax navigator, sitting in the navigators seat of a Waddigton Vulcan during the summer of 1979. He quickly recognised the angle poise lamp, bath-tub morse key and figured out the H2s radar.

    It seems there were many other WWII items that continued to be used in post war aircraft. I suppose the venerable Canberra was the last and they flew to quite recently (alas, I dont know the precise date)


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    Many thanks for all your help gents.

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    Just to correct/clarify, Section 5 indicates that the item in question IS aircraft equipment, (Section 5), but cannot recall (and do not have to hand a copy of AP 1086, Section 5 to help me) what actual type of equipment was covered by 5C. I do recall that 5A was Aircraft Instruments, and 5D was Aircraft Oxygen equipment. As it is a lamp it is quite likely that 5C was something like Miscellaneous equipment or fittings - could somebody with this Air Publication to hand please tell us all exactly what 5C covered?
    David D

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    Default Air Ministry Equipment Codes

    Happy to share this I gathered along the years, but can't find the last source of info.
    Hope it helps

    Air Ministry Equipment Codes: (from

    No. 5 = Electrical Equipment
    No.6 = Nav. & optical Equipt.
    No.6A = Aircraft Instruments
    No.6D = Oxygen Equipment
    No.6F = Aircraft Personnel Equipt.
    No. 7; 8; 9 = Aircraft Armaments
    No.10 = Comms. Equipt.
    No.11 = Bombing Gear
    No.12A= Bombs (Live)
    No.12B= Bombs (Dummy)
    No.12C= Ammunition
    No.12E = Torpedoes
    No.12F= Misc. Armament
    No.14 = Photo Equipment
    No.15A = Man-carrying parachute Equip.
    No. 15C= Equipt Drop & Sea-Dropping Apparatus
    No.15D = Supply Drop & ASR Equipt.
    No. 22C= Flying Clothing
    No.27C= Survival Equipment

    Complément :

    6A Aircraft Engine and Flying Instruments, Accessories and Spares
    6B Aircraft Navigation Equipment, Accessories and Spares
    6C Instrument Test Equipment, Tools, Accessories and Unit Equipment Spares
    6D Aircraft Gaseous Apparatus and Ancillary Equipment
    6E Miscellaneous Instruments, Accessories and Unit Servicing Spares
    6H Aircraft Automatic Pilots, Marks 4 and 8, Major Components, Servicing Spares and Tools
    6J Aircraft Automatic Pilots, Types A3 and A3A and A.L.1, Major Components, Servicing Spares and Tools
    6S Automatic Stabilisers, Major Components, Servicing Spares and Tools
    6T Aircraft Automatic Pilots, Marks 9, 10, 10A, 13, SEP 2, 14 and 17, Major Components, Servicing Spares and Tools
    6W Instrumemnt Ancillaries to Radio Equipment
    6Z Radio activity Detection Equipment and Accessories, Unit and Major Servicing Spares
    13 Drawing Instruments
    52 Recognition Models
    54A Plotting Equipment
    5A Ground Lighting and Miscellaneous Equipment
    5B Aircraft Wiring Assemblies
    5CW Aircraft Electrical Switches, Switchboxes, Relays and Accessory Items
    5CX Aircraft Electrical Lamps, Indicators, Lampholders and Accessory Items
    5CY Aircraft Electrical Plugs, Sockets, Circuit Markers, Suppressors and Accumulator Cut-outs
    5CZ Aircraft Electrical Miscellaneous Stores
    5D Aircraft Armament Electrical Stores
    5E Cable and Wire Electrical Stores
    5F Insulating Materials Electrical Stores
    5G Special Ground Equipment
    5H Standard Wiring System
    5J Batteries Primary and Secondary
    5K Electrical A.G.S and Bonding Stores
    5L Electric Lamps
    5P Ground Charging, Transforming Equipment and Motors
    5Q Ammeters, Micro-ammeters, Milli-ammeters, Voltmeters and Milli-voltmeters
    5S Strip Wiring Components
    5UA Aircraft Engine and Air Driven Electrical Current Producing Equipment and Spares
    5UB Aircraft Electrically Driven Electrical Current Producing and Transforming Equipment and Spares
    5UC Aircraft Electrical Current Control Equipment and Spares
    5UD Aircraft Electrical Motors, Blowers and Spares
    5UE Aircraft Electrically Driven Pumps, Accessories and Spares
    5V Aircraft Electrical Domestic Equipment
    5W Aircraft Electrical Actuators, Accessories and Spares
    5X Component Parts of Wiring Assemblies
    10A Miscellaneous Radio (Wireless) Equipment
    10AB Miscellaneous Radio (Radar) Equipment
    10AC Unassembled Items peculiar to Radio with Generic Headings similar to those in Sections 28 and 29
    10AD Items and Assemblies performing Circuit Functions (Nomenclature commencing Letters A-K)
    10AD Items and Assemblies performing Circuit Functions (Nomenclature commencing Letters L-Z)
    10AF Calculating, Indicating and Measuring Equipment
    10AG Tools and Tool Boxes peculiar to Radio
    10AH Telephone Head Equipment, Microphones and Receivers
    10AJ Mountings and their Component Parts
    10AK Dials, Handles, Knobs,Plates, Escutcheon, Pointers, Pressbuttons and Scales
    10AL Screens and Insulating Components and their Assemblies
    10AM Labels (Radio)
    10AP Boxes, Cases, Covers and Trays, other Cases, Transit
    10AQ Furniture, Tentage, textile Materials and Ventilator Equipment, peculiar to Radio
    10AR Machinery, Machine and Mechanical Parts other than those in Section 10AC
    (Nomenclature commencing Letters A-K)
    10AR Machinery, Machine and Mechanical Parts other than those in Section 10AC
    (Nomenclature commencing Letters L-Z)
    10AT Windows and Visors
    10AU Strip Metallic
    10B Radio (Wireless and Radar) Aerial and Mast Equipment and Insulators
    10BB Radio (Radar) Aerial and Mast Equipment and Insulators
    10C radio Chokes, Capacitors and Inductors (see also Joint-Service Catalogue)
    10CV Joint Service Common Valves
    10D Radio (Wireless and Radar) Equipment, Modulators, Panels, Receivers, Transmitters etc.
    10DB Radio (Radar) Equipment, panels, Power Units, Racks, Receivers and Transmitters
    10E Magnets and Radio Valves (Industrial Types)
    10F Radio (Wireless and Radar) Starters and Switch Gear
    10FB Radio (radar) starters and Switch Gear
    10G Ground Telephone and Telegraph Equipment
    10GP Ground Telephone and Telegraph Equipment - Post Office Pattern
    10H Radio Connectors, Discs Indicating, Fuses, Leads, Plugs and Sockets and Ancillary Parts,
    Holders and Terminals.
    10HA Radio (Wireless and Radar) Connectors, Cords Instrument and Leads
    10J Radio Remote Controls
    10K Radio (Wireless and Radar) Power Units and Transformers
    10KB Radio (Radar) Power Units and Transformers
    10L Radio (Wireless and Radar) Control Units
    10LB Radio (Radar) Control Units
    10P Radio (Wireless and Radar) Filter and Receiver Units
    10PB Radio (Radar) Filter and Receiver Units
    10Q Radio (Wireless and Radar) Indicating Units
    10QB Radio (Radar) Indicating Units
    10R Radio (Wireless and Radar) Transmitter Units
    10RB Radio (Radar) Transmitter Units
    10S Radio (Wireless and Radar) Test Equipment
    10SB Radio (Radar) Test Equipment
    10T Radio Monitors and Wavemeters
    10U Radio (Wireless and Radar) Amplifying Units, Loudspeakers and Sound Reproduction Equipment
    10UB Radio (Radar) Amplifying Units and Loudspeakers
    10V Radio (Wireless and Radar) Oscillator Units
    10VB Radio (Radar) Oscillator Units
    10W Radio Resistors and miscellaneous Spares
    10X Radio Crystal Units
    10Y Cases Transit (general Radio purposes)
    9 Bomb and Torpedo Sights
    9A Aircraft Towed Target Gear
    9B Armament Ground Instructional Equipment
    11A Aircraft Bomb Gear
    11C Rocket Projector Gear
    40H Gun Turret Cases and Airtight Containers
    50A Aircraft Gun Turrets
    50CC Boulton Paul Gun Turret and Gun Mounting Tools
    50DD Bristol Gun Turret Tools
    50EE Frazer Nash Gun Turret Tools
    50H Aircraft Gun Turret Maintenance Equipment
    50J Free Gun Mountings
    14A Cameras
    14B Photographic Processing Equipment, Enlargers and Accessories
    14C Projection, Assessing Apparatus and Epidiascopes
    14H Photographic Test Apparatus
    6F Aircraft Personnel Equipment
    15A Man-carrying Parachutes
    15C Equipment-dropping and Sea-rescue Apparatus
    15D Air Sea Rescue and Equipment, and Supply-dropping Parachutes
    25A Propellors
    25B Aircraft Radiators
    25D Spinners for Fixed Pitch Propellers and Fairey Spares for Metal Propellers
    27A Aircraft Wheel Equipment
    27B Aircraft Air and Oil Filters, Fuel and Oil Coolers
    27D Miscrellaneous Aircraft Cover Equipment
    27F Aircraft Pumps and fuelling Equipment (Airborne)
    27G Aircraft Brake System Equipment
    27H Miscellaneous Aircraft Equipment
    27J Aircraft Control Handles with Gun, Camera, R.P. and Brake Operating Mechanisms
    27K Teleflex Aircraft Remote Control Equipment
    27KA Exactor Aircraft Remote Control Equipment
    27KB Aircraft Controls - Roller Chains
    27KD Pressurised Cabin Equipment - Normalair
    27M Aircraft Hydraulic and Undercarriage Equipment - Lockheed
    27N Airborne Fire Fighting Equipment
    27R B.L.G. Oleo Leg Equipment
    27S Standard Ball and Roller Bearings other than M.T.
    27T Controllable Gills
    27U Airborne Heaters
    27UA Aircraft Cabin Cooling Equipment
    27V Aircraft Controls - Teddington
    27VA Aircraft Controls - Dunlop
    27VC Aircraft Controls - Palmers
    27W Aircraft Hydraulic and Undercarriage Equipment, Standard Design
    27WW Aircraft Windscreen Wiper Equipment
    27Z Turner Duplex Hand Pumps for Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
    27ZA Exactor Self Sealing Couplings
    28D Bolts A.G.S.
    28E Clips A.G.S.
    28F Couplings A.G.S.
    28FP Aircraft Fastner and Quick Release Pins
    28G Eyebolts A.G.S.
    28H Ferrules A.G.S.
    28J Filler Caps and Fuel Filters A.G.S.
    28K Fork Joints A.G.S.
    28L Locknuts, Lockwashers A.G.S.
    28M Nuts A.G.S.
    28N A.G.S. Miscellaneous A to O
    28P Pins A.G.S.
    28Q Rivets A.G.S.
    28R A.G.S. Miscellaneous P to R
    28S Screws A.G.S. Miscellaneous A to O
    28T Studs A.G.S.
    28U Trunnions and Turnbuckles A.G.S.
    28V Unions A.G.S.
    28W Washers A.G.S.
    28X Wire A.G.S.
    28Y A.G.S. Miscellaneous S to Z
    29A Bolts and Nuts, General Hardware
    29B Screws, General Hardware
    29C Eyelets, Roves, Screw Cups, Washers, General Hardware
    29E Pins, Woodruff Keys, General Hardware
    29F Rivets, General Hardware
    4A Workshop Equipment
    4C Airfield Equipment
    4F Air Compressors and Servicing Trolleys
    4G Aircraft Servicing and Ground handling Equipment
    4K General Ground Equipment (including Refuelling Equipment)
    4N Sparking Plug Testing and Servicing Equipment
    4FZ Air Compressor Spares
    71B Plants (Mobile, Transportable and Static) and Plant Accessories

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    Yes I see that I have boobed again, confusing Royal Air Force Stores Sections 5 and 6! Picked that up Friday last week at Wigram (had been relying on memory for my initial post) but have since been otherwise engaged on cleaning up jobs - I, like Errol, reside in Christchurch, New Zealand (of recent earthquake fame).l

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