Hi there,

I'm writing on behalf of my father-in-law (Ken Ashcroft who is 80 years old and doesn't have access to the internet or the ability to do any sort of in-depth research) who is looking for any information you may have on the 179 Squadron who were based in Benbecula during WW2 and in particular his father, Thomas James Ashcroft, who was a wireless operator on Wellington bombers.

Ken recently visited Benbecula in Scotland to see where his father was based during the war and would like to find out more about what the squadron did and/or his father.

The information that Ken remembers his father telling him is as follows (which may or may not be fully accurate):

He was based there in 1942-43.
He was a wireless operator on Wellingtons dropping depth charges on German submarines.
He may have repaired wirelesses on the ground as well.
The squadron was transferred to Lincolnshire in or around 1943-44 (but this doesn't seem consistent with the information on the internet that says they went to Cornwall?)
He towed gliders from Castle Combe, Lincolnshire to Arnhem in 1944-45.

We would be very grateful if anyone had any further general information on the 179 Squadron in Benbecula or specific information on his father or could direct us to other websites/books where he could learn more about the above.

Thanks very much,

Gavin Miller (son-in-law of Ken Ashcroft)