W L Butler was on the strength of 264 Sqn from 16 Sep 40 to May 42. On his service file there is a statement by him that reads:

"[I] was stationed at Kirton Lindsey with 264 Sqdn, September-October 1940. I flew on one outstanding mission (patrol) as gunner to the (late) P/O Clive (Viscount-Clive). We were attacked by 109s off East Coast. [I] was also stationed at Biggin Hill 1940 with 264 Sqdn [sic - sqn at BH Jan-Apr 41]."

Given that by September Defiant squadron ops were being conducted (only?) at night (following disasterous day time losses of Defiants earlier), when might this encounter with 109s have occurred? Anyone on the forum have access to 264 Sqn's ORB?