Hi. About 30 years ago or so, i remember seeing in a book, a side view photograph of an 11 (P)AFU Hurricane coded 'R4' or possibly 'R40'. The codes were forward of the roundel, and appeared red, outlined in white, which seemed to be the norm on the unit's Hurricanes. I have subsequently seen photos of a Hurricane of the unit supposedly coded 'R40' (LF649) in various books, but the wing obscures the codes. Can anyone tell me the the name of the book in which the first photo appeared in, showing the codes in their entirety ?
Secondly, in 'Profile Publications number 111', there is a side view artwork of Hurricane L1873, coded '4', of the CFS at Upavon in 1940. Assuming that this artwork was based on a photo of the actual aircraft, does anyone know in which book this appeared in ?