Somebody has sent me some photocopied pages taken from a 280 page book he has which the gentleman concerned believes may be very rare and 'probably worth thousands of pounds'. It was given to him around 20 years ago.
He doesn't speak German, neither do I, but it appears to be some sort of Luftwaffe war chronicle.
It is called 'Unter Luftgau Belgien-Nordfrankreich' 'Im Auftrage des Luftgaukommandos Belgien-Nordfrankreich herausgegeben von IIb (Wehrbetreuung)'.
Apparently it has accounts of people serving in the Luftwaffe in 1941.
The short extracts sent to me contain references to Spitfires and Douglas bombers. There are also some sketch drawings.
The gentleman concerned wants to get it translated to find out what it's all about. He is prepared to pay!
Does anyone recognise what this book is? Is it really rare and valuable? Is there an English translation available? Finally, is there anybody who would be interested in undertaking a translation if not (I could put you in touch with the gentleman concerned)?