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Thread: A pilot in Aden

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    Default A pilot in Aden

    I have the following data entry of an RCAF officer, but no idea as to which unit he was in. Photo captions indicated Aden, but that was all. I know that Aden is not exactly at the top of people's interest list, but nothing ventured . . . .

    STACKHOUSE, F/L Harold Albert (J9414) - Mention in Despatches - Overseas - Award effective 8 June 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 1729/44 dated 11 August 1944. Home in Hoeder, Alberta; enlisted in Calgary. Trained at No.4 ITS (graduated 26 July 1941), No.16 EFTS (graduated 13 September 1941) and No.10 SFTS (graduated 19 December 1941). No citation in AFRO. Served a tour in Aden. Photos PL-27442 and PL-27459 show him.

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    Hugh, Hi,
    The following is from under RAF Khormaksar which was the main RAF Station in Aden.
    8 Sqn RAF
    621 Sqn RAF
    1566 (Met) Flight RAF
    Catalina Flight, Aden, (presumably RAF)
    There were all sorts of other "Odds & Sods" Units that flew aircraft from there (and other airfields in the general "Aden" area) but none - I would hazard - that might keep aircrew for "a full tour"!!!
    Be aware that a posting to Aden was - by and large, and also post-WW2 - not one of the most sought-after postings (if you see what I mean!).
    Peter Davies
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