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Thread: James E Linehan KIA 8/4/42

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    Default James E Linehan KIA 8/4/42


    I'm new to this forum (although I've been on for a few months) and I"m hoping for information regarding my uncle James E Linehan who was 2nd Pilot on Wellington x3737. The other crew members were
    P/O Noel Percy Morse,
    George Hillary Vogan 23 or 24 Canterbury NZ
    Graham Lakeman 22 Plymouth UK
    Norman Joseph Naylor 23
    Ronald Jeffrey Richards

    They were with 57th Squadron. They flew from Feltwell at 2205 on 8/4/42 on a raid over Hamburg and are lost without trace.

    I have been able to find all the flights they went on in the ORBs, got my Uncles' service record (and had it 'translated') and had some contact with possible contacts in Germany.

    This is my thread on ww2talk if people want to read more:

    I am hoping that someone here might know some more details.


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    From my 'For Your Tomorrow - A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915 (Volume One: Fates 1915-1942)' [Note: serial X3757, not X3737]:

    Wed 8/Thu 9 Apr 1942
    Bomber Command

    Raid on Hamburg, Germany (by 272 aircraft - 5 lost)
    57 Squadron, RAF (Feltwell, Norfolk - 3 Group)
    Wellington III X3757 - took off at 2205 and lost without trace, its six crew being commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.
    Captain: NZ404397 Plt Off Noel Percy MORSE, RNZAF - Age 27. 356hrs. 17th op.
    Observer: NZ404577 Flt Sgt George Hillary VOGAN, RNZAF - Age 21. 304hrs. 18th op.
    The CWGC register incorrectly gives Vogan’s age as 23.

    And from Vol Three (Biographies & Appendices):

    MORSE, Pilot Officer Noel Percy.
    NZ404397; b Brisbane, Q'land, Australia 14 Oct 14; North Sydney BHS (1st XI); to NZ 1938; radio engineer - Radio Corp of NZ, Wgtn. RNZAF Levin/GTS as Airman Pilot u/t 24 Nov 40, 3EFTS 27 Dec 40, 1FTS 8 Feb 41, Pilots Badge [wef 20.3.41] & Sgt 3 May 41, att RAF & emb for UK 26 May 41, 3PRC 3 Jul 41, 11OTU (Wellington - 1 op) 19 Jul 41, 57 Sqn (Wellington - 16 ops) 26 Sep 41, Comm 9 Dec 41, kao 8 Apr 42. Runnymede Memorial - Panel 116. Son of Percy Algernon & Beatrice Morse (née Wilson), Mosman, Sydney, NSW, Australia. [OHT1].

    VOGAN, Flight Sergeant George Hillary.
    NZ404577; b Duvauchelle 16 Jun 20; St Andrew's Coll, Chch (Junior Swimming Champ); farm worker - father's farm at Duvauchelle. RNZAF Levin/GTS as Air Observer u/t 24 Nov 40, emb for Canada 30 Jan 41, att RCAF 16 Feb 41, 4AOS c.19 Feb 41, 1BGS 11 May 41, Air Observers Badge & Sgt & 1ANS 23 Jun 41, 1 M Depôt 22 Jul 41, att RAF & emb for UK 9 Aug 41, 3PRC 30 Aug 41, 11OTU (Wellington) 16 Sep 41, 57 Sqn (Wellington - 18 ops) 6 Nov 41, kao 8 Apr 42. Runnymede Memorial - Panel 117. Son of William George & Martha Mary Vogan (née Hillary), Spreydon, Chch.

    Note: Just 57 Squadron, not 57th (which is the style adopted by the Americans).


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    Yeah the error with the x3757 was a typo. I have it correct elsewhere.

    Thanks for that, I had some of the basic information but not the detailed stuff about Morse and Vogan. I found Morse's father's obituary a couple of days ago. He died 4 years after his son went missing and I've emailed the Australin Hearld asking them to run a piece asking any family members to contact me

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