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Thread: Endau, 26th January 1942

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    Default Endau, 26th January 1942

    Thanks to Dick in an earlier post this evening, i'm aware of the information contained in "Bloody Shambles Vol 2" on the Endau raid by 36 and 100 Squadrons on Jan 26th 1942.

    However, having spent a few hours this evening researching the 100 Squadron losses on this raid, i've become painfully aware that my knowledge of this battle is woefully poor.

    Can anyone advise of any other publications available (i have a couple of private manuscripts that give some details) that will help me further my knowledge of this battle?

    Thanks as always for any help anyone can offer.


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    Default Re: Endau, 26th January 1942

    This is a very old post of Greg's and no doubt by now he's long since found all he wants on Endau in the very difficult phase of the Far East war.

    Greg is still active here from time to time and besides, there are always old and new readers looking for references.

    Here, then, a very brief reading selection from stuff I still have readily to hand for air ops, at & around the time of Endau:

    Gillison RAAF 1939-1942 (WW2 Official History, Air, Vol I)
    See Ch 17 Withdrawal from Singapore in full here incl Endau
    Full set of Chapters links
    and Index to Vol

    Hall Glory in chaos: The RAAF in the Far East 1940-42
    Highly relevant, RAAF as per title, RAAF and RAF units, RAAF men.

    O'Brien Chasing After Danger
    See Ch16 and his pungent References note. RAF Blenheim & Hudson pilot, with 62 Sqn Hudsons at Endau.

    Richards & Saunders RAF 1939-1945: Vol II The Fight Avails
    See Ch II The Fall of Singapore inlc Endau briefly.

    Young & Warne Sixty Squadron - 1916 RFC RAF 1966
    See Ch 2 Malaya The Retreat to Singapore, re action in Dec and Jan - not Endau specific.

    The Aus War Memorial is a museum as much as a memorial, much as the IWM.
    All volumes (Army, Navy, Air) of the Australian Official Histories of WW2 are there, digitised.
    The RAAF Ch 17 above is one example.
    Simply follow the heading links to any others (Army, Navy) of interest for Endau action 26 Jan 1942.

    Books: I check first out of choice, as it's coverage of listings is so wide.
    Glory in Chaos can be spotted there, at pretty high prices. No copies of Chasing After Danger just now.
    For local bookshops in Aus, I also use
    Both books can be found there now, GIC at high price, CAD at prices so modest as to maybe give Terence's shade a chuckle.
    For Sixty Squadron, copies of this edn don't often appear.
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    Default Re: Endau, 26th January 1942

    Good Grief!
    How could I possibly have lost sight of...

    Campbell & Lovell So Long Singapore: RAF Auxiliary Tung Song December 1941-March 1942 [Campbell, Hobart, 2000]
    Apart from extended accounts of 84 Sqn, 205 Sqn (and its tender, Tung Song) and 211 Sqn ops etc, there are several mentions of 100 Sqn, 36 Sqn, and several Endau mentions plus more in Ch 14 P160-164 Endau and Endau to Singapore

    A great compilation of the 1942 schemozzle from Malaya to Singapore to Sumatra and on to Java and then into the bag or escape by ship and boat.
    From contemporary original sources and participants later recall.
    Copies extremely hard to come by, however there are copies lodged in major Libraries around the world, eg
    the RAF Museum Library in UK, Library of Congress US, National Library of Australia, Netherlands National Library.

    My old friend and correspondent the late Hugh Campbell would have had a good old chuckle at my oversight...
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    Default Re: Endau, 26th January 1942


    A piece of the Endau Raid/100 Sqn RAF history slipped by just recently.

    The youngest brother of Sgt Graeme Wolsey McCabe RAAF, Peter Wolsey McCabe passed away in Canberra, aged 87, on 20 July, 2021.

    Sgt Graeme Wolsey McCabe RAAF, was the observer aboard NZ401769 Flt Sgt David Bruce Smaill Lee's Vildebeest III K6386 on 26 January, 1942*. Flt Sgt Lee RNZAF, and WOP/AG, AUS401050 Sgt Maurice Bert Proven RAAF were both killed, Sgt McCabe was wounded and became a prisoner of war. Graeme McCabe was a POW for over three long years, one of them in Changi and the balance in the mines at Kobe, in Japan.

    * See:FYT1/176 & FYT3/298/Martyn.

    After his release, Graeme McCabe penned a smallish book entitled, Pacific Sunset:

    Pacific Sunset.
    Hobart:Oldham, Beddome & Meredith,1946.
    108 pp.

    The book is now very scarce, and difficult to find. It was not bound very well in the first place, consequently not many copies have survived intact outside the institutions. Most of what McCabe had to say on the Endau raid has been quoted in, Bloody Shambles Vol Two (pp.19, 20, 21, 23, 24 & 41). McCabe went on to describe his time in Changi and the Kobe mines. He is scathing in his criticism of the Japanese. Graeme Wolsey McCabe passed away in Tasmania, aged 94, on 13 March, 2011. He left us with the following thought:

    "Life in this world is a grim business. Always we must be tough and ready and prepared, if we want to hand on a heritage of freedom to posterity."

    The McCabe family, whose patriarch was The Reverend Francis Joseph McCabe, of the Holy Trinity Rectory, of Church Street, Hobart, Tasmania, also lost two other sons during WWII. Sub-Lt Donald Wolsey McCabe RAN in 1941 aboard HMAS Sydney, and TX1634 Lt Angus Wolsey McCabe AIF, with the Australian Army in New Guinea, in 1943.

    In 2007, Peter McCabe wrote a touching tribute to his family:

    Now, he has also departed. Vale.

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