I have the following pilot for whom I have no information after April 1943, and hope other forumites may be able to help. I asked a similar question approximately two years ago, which provided me the forename Malcolm, but as this man is not listed in the LG as being commissioned, on the CWGC site as having died, in Shores' works, or on this site as having become a POW, the main sources do not help.

926918, RAFVR; b. Holmes Chapel, Chesh., 26 Jan. 1920; ed. Sale HS & Manchester Arts Coll.; joined RAFVR, Uxb., 23 May 1940; 26 EFTS, Guinea Fowl, d/u 1940; 22 SFTS, Thornhill, d/u 1940; Crse. 9, 5 (P)AFU, Tern Hill, Salop, 2 Jun 1942; 61 OTU, Rednal, d/u 1942; 41 Sqdn. 3 Nov. 1942-27 Apr. 1943 (A Flt., 3 Nov. 1942-26 Feb. 1943; B Flt. 27 Feb.-27 Apr. 1943); eng. failure, FL, inj. (concussion) in Spit. Vb, BL299, Whitchurch Heath, 1 miles from Malpas, nr. Wrexham, Salop, 28 Feb. 1943; sent on emb. leave, 27 Apr. 1943

Does anyone have any record of this man after April 1943, please?