I have had a request from a friend in France to see if is possible to research a RAF bombing mission to the château de Trévarez.
It is located near Châteauneuf du Faou and Saint Goazec, in Finistère.
Is an imposing rich man's mansion, that the locals say, it was occupied by Nazis. The show ended when Bomber Command showed an interest, after being tipped by the resistance. They say the mansion was abandoned due to bomb damage, yet I can see no evidence of any bomb hits, no walls rebuilt, the glass on the windows is that old imperfect glass that gets thicker at the bottom after some years, like in 1800's buildings.
To me, there's something that does not add up in this story.
The mansion is being slowly rebuild, is in bad shape and has been ransacked for anything of value, it now belongs to the local goverment.
I don't have a date for the supposed mission.What do you think ?

Do any of you very knowledgeable people know anything more about this?