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I'm French and my English langage is poor. So, please accept my apologies ...

I'm interested with the loss, on 28th March 1942, of the Blenheim QY-K, serial Z6103, close to Brest. The aircraft had to do an emergency landing, possibly because of a mechanical problem. The 3 crewmen (Sgts PARNELL, MULLINEAUX and PRICE) were unharmed and captured by the Germans.

I search any information about :
- the reasons of this emergency landing : if it was a mechanical problem, what was it precisely ?
- did they try to escape just after the landing, or were they immediately captured by the Germans ? (the aircraft wasn't burnt by the crewmen ... it could mean they were immediately captured) ; any information about the circumstances of their capture interest me.

Have you pictures showing :
- the 3 crewmen
- the Blenheim QY-K Z6103 ?

Many thanks in advance for any reply you could send to me.

Best regards from a sunny France

Pierre BABIN