Hello all,
I am trying to trace P/O WGG Duncan-Smith history from when he enroled in the RAFVR until his posting to 611 sqn 'B' Flt at Digby on 12-10-40.
Below is what I have found but there are dates missing.
?-4-39 – Joined RAFVR
?-5-39 – RAFVR Woodley, ab initio flying training. Miles Hawk & Master. Sgt.
24-8-39 –RAFVR, Reading Town Hall. Mobilisation. Sgt.
?-11-39- ITW, Bexhill. Metropole Hotel.
?-?-40 – 7 EFTS, Desford. DH 82 Tiger Moth.
?-?-40 - 9 EFTS, Ansty. Specialised Course. (1 week) Tiger Moth.
?-?-40 – 5 SFTS, Sealand. Miles Master.
?-?-40 – Advanced Training Squadron, ‘C’ Flt. Sealand, Miles Master.
6-9-40 – Leave 48hrs.
29-9-40 –Commisioned P/O
1 -10-40 – 7 OTU, Hawarden. Spitfire I.
11-10-40 – 7 OTU, Hawarden. Spitfire I. P9395. Collided when landing at Hawarden with Anson. Spitfire I, P9395 wrote off with engine pushed through bulkead. The Anson pilot who was Polish received cuts to face and cracked ribs, his navigator suffered severe shock. D-S was fit enough to transfer to 611 sqn at Digby the next day.
12-10-40 – 611 sqn, ‘B’ Flt Digby. Spitfire I.
I need confirmation please on the the 11-10-40 crash and details of the crew of the Anson and unit
Any help would be most welcome, thanks,