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    Default RAF not RAFVR

    Hi folks,

    Back in May 2010 there was a post running 'RAFVR What was/is it?' here is a link for those who wish to refresh their memories

    I have always been puzzled that my grandfather who joined the RAF in 1936 as an Accounts Clerk (singing on for 9 years) and who was recommended for pilot training was listed by CWGC as RAFVR. Sadly he died during the war in 1942.

    I e-mailed the CWGC back in May and today I had a reply from them confirming that he was indeed RAF and not RAFVR.
    [content from CWGC e-mail]
    Dear Linzee,

    Further to my e-mail of 9 September 2010, concerning the information we hold on Flight Sergeant William Bruce Archibald, who is buried in Trondheim (Stavne) Cemetery, Norway.

    I am pleased to say that we have now received confirmation that he did die with the Royal Air Force, rather than the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. As this is the case, I have amended our database and have attached details extracted from this, to illustrate this. Unfortunately, his entry on our internet site, will remain incorrect, until the next update takes place, hopefully in the next day or two.

    Thank you so much for sending the documentary evidence to us, as it has enabled us to show the true details within his entry.
    [end of e-mail from CWGC]

    The documents I sent them in order for them to check was a GRO copy entry for his death and copies of his Service Record.

    Hopefully this information will be helpful to others in the future.


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    .... as an Accounts Clerk (singing on for 9 years)...

    bet he had a sore throat after that length of time !

    I know its only a typo, but it made me snigger.


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