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Thread: Whitley & Battle at 9 B&GS Penrhos

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    Default Whitley & Battle at 9 B&GS Penrhos

    During his time of training as an Air Gunner at 9 B&GS Penrhos my father logged ten flights in a Whitley and four in a Battle.

    During these flights of between one and two hours of duration he and the other trainees would fire at drogues.

    My questions are, how many student Air Gunners would the Whitley take up on a training mission? How long would the student have on the guns? A set amount of time or rounds fired? Would they have to become proficient from each gun position?

    The same questions for the Battle.

    What type of aircraft would the target towing aircraft been in December 1940 and January 1941 and how far behind the target towing aircraft would the drogue be deployed?

    I would be grateful for any help the forum can be in clearing up this confusing part of my father's service.

    Regards, David.
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